Kenyan Uzuri
Kenyan Uzuri
Kenyan Uzuri
Kenyan Uzuri

Kenyan Uzuri

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Roast:  Dark Roast 

Origin: Kenya

Region: Nyeri

Producer: Kiamaina Co-Op AA

Weight: Net 12 oz

Variety: SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian

Certifications: Washed process – Organic

Tasting Notes:  You get nice roasty notes in the front like a traditional dark roast with out sacrificing some of the vibrancy of this coffee. You get little hints of lemon and dried berries at the end. 

Nyeri is an agricultural region, known for its red volcanic soils and some of the coolest average temperatures in Kenya. The co-op's most well-known wet mill is the Ichuga Wetmill that was started in 1978. Most farmers have an average of about 250 coffee plants, and many of them are inter-cropping those to improve the biodiversity and health of the land.


For every 12 oz of coffee sold, we set aside $1 to help GO Ministries provide entrepreneurship classes and vocational training to communities in the Dominican Republic. Find out more by checking out our partnership page!