Colombian Dulzura -Sugarcane Decaf

Colombian Dulzura -Sugarcane Decaf

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Roast:  Medium Roast 

Origin: Colombia

Region: Planadas Tolima

Producer: Planadas Tolima Cold Mill

Weight: 12oz

Once thoroughly prepared and quality-tested, the proper amount of caffeine is removed using an ethyl acetate solvent.  It is a natural solvent, obtained by controlled fermentation of sugarcane molasses, and refined to the highest degree of purity. (99.9%) 

DESCAFECOL is the only decaffeination plant in South America to use this process. The remaining residual acetate averages 1.0 ppm, which is very low compared to the international standards of quality of approximately 10 p.p.


For every 12 oz of coffee sold, we set aside $1 to help GO Ministries provide entrepreneurship classes and vocational training to communities in the Dominican Republic. Find out more by checking out our partnership page!