Dominican Brisas - 4oz Sampler

Dominican Brisas - 4oz Sampler

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Roast:  Medium Roast 

Origin: The Dominican Republic

Region: Jarabacoa

Producer: The Ramirez Estate

Weight: Net 4 oz

Tasting Notes: This coffee is a washed coffee that is a traditional Dominican coffee. Comes with a full mouth feel, low acidity and offers a complex but balanced taste consisting of nuttiness, toffee and a sweet finish at the end. 100% USDA Organic. 


The proceeds from our Dominican Brisas Blend go towards the funding of GO Ministries 11 nutrition centers in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Their nutrition centers provide roughly 1,000 children with one hot meal per day, six days a week. For many kids, this is their only hot meal of the day.  In addition to a meal, each child receives a vitamin to help boost their immune system and fight malnutrition. Brisas is one of the 11 communities that has one of these nutrition centers and where we got the inspiration for the name.