Jason's Experimental Series 3.0

Jason's Experimental Series 3.0

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We have a very limited amount of these 8oz bags and they will sell out soon.

This is our third edition of this series and it just continues to get better. This coffee comes from a little microlot run by, you guessed it, Sabina & Maria Jesus. This coffee has a lot of complexity depending on how you brew it or when you drink it. Look for notes ranging from lemon to apple but the most identifiable note is the PEAR. It is still a full bodied, full mouth coffee so don't expect it to be light like other fruity coffees. GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!

*first orders will be shipped March 4th

Roast:  Medium

Origin: Nicaragua

Region: Jinotega

Producer: Golden Mountain Coffee Growers

Weight: Net 8 oz


For every 12 oz of coffee sold, we set aside $1 to help GO Ministries provide entrepreneurship classes and vocational training to communities in the Dominican Republic. Find out more by checking out our partnership page!