Finca Spirit Mountain - Natural Process
Finca Spirit Mountain - Natural Process
Finca Spirit Mountain - Natural Process

Finca Spirit Mountain - Natural Process

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This coffee is a natural processed coffee coming from one of our direct trade partners in the Dominican Republic. Finca Spirit Mountain has been a partner of ours almost since the beginning and we make intentional visits annually to continue to build our relationships with this farm. Our annual visits have allowed us to build a close friendship with the workers of this farm. 

Tasting Notes: Ripe fruit, berries, walnuts

Roast:  Medium

Origin: The Dominican Republic

Process: Natural

Region: Manabao, La Vega

Producer: Spirit Mountain

Weight: Net 8 oz


The natural is the oldest process and most basic of the processes. In this process, the picked cherries are lightly rinsed with water and then set out to dry traditionally on raised beds. Farmers protect the cherries by constantly rotating them during the day and covering them at night. The goal is to get the moisture content of the cherries to reach 11 percent.  The cherries eventually dry out and transfer some of those sweet, berry or tart flavors to the bean on the inside. Even though this process might be the least invasive at the beginning, this drying process takes a long time to complete. Generally anywhere from 30-45 days. Because this process requires more labor and time, the prices are generally a little higher than a washed coffee. The flavor profiles (berry, sweet, tart) are becoming more desirable and more farmers are giving it a shot.


For every bag of coffee sold, we set aside $1 to help GO Ministries provide entrepreneurship classes and vocational training to communities in the Dominican Republic.