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The Launch is Complete!

The Launch is Complete!

WOW! Our September was a Delicious Blur!

We had our official pre-order launch on September 1st, and we started it off with a bang. As the orders started pouring in, we were seriously jumping with excitement. All our time and effort to provide the world with sustainable heavenly tasting coffee was paying off in dividends.

We eventually got tired of all the jumping and sat down, yet the shock continued as the orders continued to flood in all month long. Last week we all hopped back up, and we were running all over putting the finishing touches on our bags and our new website.

We also have been preparing for some pretty big roast days as we had over 80 orders to fulfill on our official launch date of September 29th alone.

Thanks to all you who are following Collide for tons of phenomenal feedback. We
had a fantastic amount of sign-ups for our e-blasts - along with our orders. We’ve actually had so many orders for our coffee bags, mugs, and several accessories - we’ve genuinely struggled to keep up with it all. It’s a good thing we have plenty of Collide caffeine to keep us cranking!

Above all, we want to thank you for supporting Collide Coffee in that we were able to provide over 1500 lunches for GO Ministries 11 nutrition centers in the Dominican Republic & Haiti.

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